1.  Where in The Greater Brisbane Region does Integrity Asset Management currently manage properties?

We cover from Oxenford in the South, Ipswich to the West and Morayfield to the North and all points in between.

2. Do Integrity Asset Management Property Managers own property themselves?

Yes. This is one of our preferred internal qualifications when hiring Property Managers.  It’s one of the reasons our Property Managers have the edge when it comes to providing a premium service to you the Landlords.

3. How does Integrity Asset Management find better quality tenants faster?

One of the features of our premium service is our Integrity Shield Screening Process. We can incorporate a wider network in our search for tenants. Even prior to listing your property, we already have short-listed tenants who have undergone a  screening process such as a thorough background and credit history check. We assign a Property Manager who will source good quality tenants who are looking for good homes and long term leases.

4. Will your professional management fees cost me any more than other Property Managers?

Our fees are in line with current market trends and represent the level of care we give to your asset and also reflect the level of experience our managers possess. We firmly believe that the highest of standards have to be maintained by our managers in order to ensure that the highest of standards are met for your property.

5. How do I change to Integrity Asset Management?

It is your right to change your Property Manager if you are not happy or satisfied with your existing Property Manager. Please contact our office for further advice on the procedures in changing over to Integrity Asset Management. It’s all handled by our trained staff for you.

6. Why are detailed condition reports, with photos, so important in property management?

There are 3 main types of condition reports. An entry condition report, a routine condition report and an exit condition report.  It all starts with an entry condition report of your property that a new tenant has to check and then sign off on. This comprehensive report includes photos of your entire property, recording its state and condition before being occupied. Routine inspections are then conducted systematically during the tenancy in order to ensure your property is being maintained in the way that it should be. Whenever a tenancy ends, an exit condition report is raised, taking into account all that has changed since the start of the tenancy. These reports all combine to help protect your asset.

7. How often do you disburse rent money?

At Integrity Asset Management, we do two types of disbursements: monthly or fortnightly. These occur on the 1st and the 16th of each month.

8. How many properties are managed under each Property Manager?

At Integrity Asset Management, we believe that a good Property Manager should easily cope with 100 properties. We have found that with their experience, this is a comfortable amount of properties for one manager to handle.  It still allows them time to pay particular attention to each and everyone of those properties during our cyclic monitoring system.

9. How do you handle rent arrears?

Our Property Managers have zero tolerance in rent arrears and for that matter, any poor tenant behaviour. However in the event it does arise, our team adhere strictly to the guidelines set out in legislation which is implemented immediately to reduce potential financial loss.

10. What is the average years of experience of your Property Managers?

To be a Property Manager at Integrity Asset Management, one must first own a property themselves so that they will treat your property as their own, giving the attention and duty of care your property deserves. Our Property Management Director has been in the industry for over 15 years and our Senior Property Manager has been on the job for 5 years. Unlike most agencies, we have an internal training program that helps to keep our managers up to date with legislation as well market trends and changes to administrative requirements.

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