Rental Appraisal of Property


As part of Integrity Asset Management’s (IAM) ongoing support to our Landlords (and tenants), we believe that safety should be uppermost in everyone’s minds.    

There are a number of compliance issues associated with owning an investment property and at IAM, one of my roles is to ensure that our Property Managers are constantly being revised and trained to ensure they are fully aware of issues that may arise from changes to legislation or new legislation that has been introduced.

There are 3 areas in particular that can create issues if they are not attended to on a regular basis (and must be in accordance with legislation) and our Property Managers will ensure that your properties are fully covered in all of these areas.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance – Corded Window Compliance – Safety Switch Testing.

For your information: Below are links to the pertinent areas within the Queensland Governments website that will bring you up-to-date with all current requirements to meet compliance. There is no need for you, as Landlords, to take action on any if these issues, we just believe it best for all to know the safety issues surrounding these areas of compliance. Your Property Manager conducts audits on all of the above and will inform you immediately when these requirements need to be met.

Another one of IAM roles is to ensure we are getting value for money from our contractors, for you, our clients. We are currently evaluating all of our contractors, their pricing structures and their qualifications.  Please feel free to contact us or your Property Manager should you have any concerns about these areas or in fact, with regard to any concerns you may have.